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In Los Angeles, organizers of the rally outside the LA County/USC Medical Center warned that a repeal of the law without a replacement will throw the state's health care system into chaos and strip coverage from 5 million Californians. Rallies in other cities in support of the health law also were well attended. Police estimated about 600 people showed up in Portland, Maine. Hundreds also attended events in Newark, New Jersey, Johnston, Rhode Island, Richmond, Virginia and Boston. The health law has provided subsidies and Medicaid coverage for millions who don't get insurance at work. It has required insurers to cover certain services such as family planning and people who are already ill, and has placed limits on the amount that the sick and elderly can be billed for health care. Republicans want to end the fines that enforce the requirement that many individuals buy coverage and that larger companies provide it to workers. But they face internal disagreements on how to pay for any replacement and how to protect consumers and insurers during a long phase-in of an alternative. ___ This version of the story corrects Lisa Bible's age and the name of the community college in Michigan. ___ AP reporters Patrick Whittle in Portland, Maine, Bruce Shipkowski in Trenton, New Jersey, Sarah Rankin in Richmond, Virginia, Collin Binkley in Boston, Olga R.

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